The Air Sports Association was formed based on the initiative of several flight enthusiasts in 1958.

The first permanent accommodation was made available to the club in 1968 by the English owners of the airfield.

In the beginning we have been a pure soaring club (1968 Ka 6e, 1969 Ka 13, 1979 first GFK-Aircraft: DG 100), which evolved from a RC flight group. Over the time, we added motorgliders (1975 with an RF5) and motor aircrafts (1988 with an Elster C, adding the TB-10 in 1993) to our fleet, also becoming a flight school in these areas.

In 2003, the permission to train pilots for PPL-N and PPL-A according to JAR-FCL was granted.

In the early 1970s, we had to relocate our flight operations to other Airfields. In 1971 we were flying in Wildenrath. In 1972, we spent a whole year with aircraft towing in Zwartberg, Belgium. And flight operations were als moved to Brüggen and to the Dahlemer Binz for a while.

During the construction phase by NATO in 1980 we had to relocate our flight operations to the north area of the airfield due to the changed military use of the airfield. Since then, we have our home base in the north area of the air base.

The last time we had to accept cuts in flight operations was because of the events of 9/11. Due to the tense security situation, no aircraft movements  have been possible for a few months.

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